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Digital Scholarship Center: Spaces

Instructional Space (bookable)

A multi-purpose, configurable space ideal for instruction and collaboration. Seats up to 40 at trapezoidal tables, including two with adjustable height. Intended as "bring your own device", the space includes ceiling hung power strips to provide laptop users convenient access to power however the room is oriented.

To make the space compatible with the most users, we offer the following layout options.

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

Requests to book this space will undergo a mediation process. Once submitted, a DSC staff member will contact you. This is to ensure usage is compliant with our space use policy.

Please make booking a week prior to requested date, for booking periods after 5:00pm.

Reserve Instructional Space 
Note: Booking at least one week in advance is recommended.


Our workstation PC's have variety of software available for use for students or faculty.

4 Windows workstations

2 Mac workstations

Available to book or on a walk-in basis

Book here


Two tables, each with four chairs

Available to reserve beforehand or on a walk-in basis.

Reserve the tables