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Digital Scholarship Center: Software and Hardware

Image editing and manipulation

Text Mining and Analysis

Digital Exhibits and Publishing

Network Analysis

GIS and Mapping


Training and Workshops

There's a variety of online training available and detailed on the McCasland Maps and Spatial Data website.

Expert Consultation

Kevin Dyke (

Working in 3D

Training and Workshops

Expert Consultation

Shannon Austin (for Blender and 3D printing) (

Transcription and Annotation


4 PCs (one with overhead book scanner)

  • Dell Precision 3260 Workstation with Windows 10. Intel Core i7-12700, 2100Mhz, 12 core processor. 32 GB of RAM. NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 6GB graphics card. 37-inch curved widescreen monitor.

2 Macs (one with overhead book scanner)

  • iMac with macOS Ventura, Apple M1 processor, 8 core. 16GB of RAM. 24-inch Retina display.

Black and white printer

Statistics and Data



Training and Workshops

Expert Consultation

Dani Kirsch (

Programming Languages and Tools