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English 1213: Composition II: Archives

Getting started with archival research

Below is a list of archives you can choose from to complete your assignments.

If you need help with getting started with using digital archives, you can use the menu on the left to navigate to additional pages, or select from the following options:

Digital Archives List

*Collections marked with an asterisk are approved by the Composition program. For other collections, please check with your instructor before selecting it for your assignments.

African American History and Culture | Communities | Environment | Food | Labor | LBGTQ | Music, Theatre, Art, Literature | Native American History and Culture | Oklahoma | Science and Health | Society & Social MovementsSports | Tragedies, Violence, Natural Disasters  | US History and Culture | Women | World Culture, History, Religion

African American History and Culture
New York Public Library Digital Schomburg Collection (Research in Black Culture)*
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936 to 1938*
Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection

Richard Pryor’s Peoria*
New Mexico History
Florida Folklife (WPA Collections)

Aldo Leopold Archive
Salmon in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska*

Feeding America
What's on the Menu?
American Foodways: The Jewish Contribution

Bracero History Archive
Labor Archives of Washington*

Arizona Queer Archives*
Georgia State University LGBTQ

Music, Theatre, Art, Literature
Grateful Dead Archive Online*
Hiphop Archive & Research Institute*
Monterey Jazz Festival Collection*
Looking Glass for the Mind*
Mark Twain Project* (View in Google Chrome)
Country Music Hall of Fame*
Hogan Jazz Archive*
Tunecaster Chart Archive and Music Encyclopedia*
American Choral Music
WPA Posters 
California Gold: Northern California Folk Music from the Thirties
The New Deal Stage: Selections from the Federal Theatre Project, 1935-1939

Native American History and Culture
Utah American Indian Digital Archive*
Chilocco History Project*
Oklahoma Native Artists Project

Tulsa Race Massacre Archive*
The Big Top Show Goes On
Centennial Farm Families
Dust, Drought, and Dreams Gone Dry
Oklahoma Mesonet Oral History Project
John Hayes White
Oklahoma Audio Almanac
Oklahoma A&M College World War I Veterans
Paul Miller

Science and Health
Michael Collins Papers
Selling Smoke: Tobacco Advertising and Anti-Smoking Campaigns*
Stanford University Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising*
Turing Digital Archive*
Quack Cures and Self-Remedies: Patent Medicine*
Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond*
AIDS History Project*
Influenza Encyclopedia*

Society & Social Movements
Queens College Civil Rights Archive
The Freedom Archives*
Records of Rights*
Stonewall: Riot, Rebellion, Activism and Identity*
Stonewall and Its Impact on the Gay Liberation Movement*
Densho Archive*
Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement*
Studies in Scarlet: Marriage and Sexuality in the US & UK*
The Equal Rights Amendment*
Civil Rights in North Carolina
Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project

National Baseball Hall of Fame*
Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s-1960s
Baseball Cards 1887-1914

Tragedies, Violence, Natural Disasters
The Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Center
Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive
Hurricane Digital Memory Bank*
Nuremberg Trials Project
The September 11 Digital Archive*
Kent State Shootings*
The Gun Violence Archive*
German Propaganda Archive*
Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & People's Temple*
Civil War Diaries from Union and Confederate Soldiers*
The Eugenics Archive*
Before and After the Great Earthquake and Fire: Early Films of San Francisco, 1897 to 1916 
JFK Assassination Records Collection 

US History and Culture
Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920*
Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr. (Supreme Court Justice)*
Archive of American Television*
Stanford Prison Experiment*
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collection*
Sid Lapidus 59 Collection on Liberty and the American Revolution*
History of US Public Libraries*
American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and other Printed Ephemera
Capital and the Bay: Narratives of Washington and the Chesapeake Bay Region, 1600 to 1925
The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy, 1921-1929
Voices from the Dust Bowl

The Hearth: Home Economics Archive
Minnie Fisher Cunningham Papers*
Building the Foundation: Business Education for Women at Harvard University*
The Earhart Project*
Women's Liberation Movement Print Culture*
Women Working, 1800-1930*

World Culture, History, and Religion
Islamic Heritage Project*
Latin American and Caribbean Ephemera*
Soviet Era Books for Children and Youth*
Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives*
A Liberian Journey: History, Memory, and the Making of a Nation*
The Dreyfus Affair*

Portals/Lists of Archives (Each contains multiple collections to choose from. Check with your instructor.)
Open Education Database of Digital Archives
OSU Oral Histories
Denver Public Library Collection
Colorado State History
Margaret Herrick Library