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OpenOKState Fellows: Materials Grants

OpenOKState Materials Grants Details

OpenOKState Fellows Materials Grants

Individuals, teams, and departments/programs may submit proposals for projects which support innovative teaching and eliminate student costs through the use of OER or Library materials in current or upcoming courses. Possible projects might include

  • Adopt and/or create ancillary materials for existing open or library resource (up to $600.00)
  • Adopt, adapt, or remix resources to create customized OER (up to $2,500.00)
  • Author original content and ancillary materials where no existing OER is available (up to $3,000.00) 
Who is encouraged to apply?

Proposals are invited from current OSU faculty, staff, and students with teaching responsibilities or responsibilities related to the selection and coordination of educational resources for OSU courses.

How will funding be distributed?

Funding will be distributed to recipients in the form of special pay.

Are there additional expectations?

All OpenOKState Research Fellows will be invited to share their experience and scholarship with others on the OSU campus in ways they feel most effectively complement their work. Possible outreach may include

  • departmental level advocacy for open practices
  • participation in OSU Library and OpenOKState sponsored events, such as Open Education Week
  • partnerships with student organizations or student leadership to help publicize efforts to improve access to higher education through open
  • administrative level advocacy for open practices

The above are simply starting points and suggestions of ways through which others have shared their experiences. Each applicant will have the opportunity to suggest their own plan for how they propose to share their work with others on campus and colleagues in their field beyond the project itself. 

How will award decisions be made?

Applicants selected as Open OKState Fellows receiving Materials Grants will be able to clearly articulate how they believe use of open practices contributes to and advances the knowledge in their particular field. Strong consideration will be given to faculty and instructors whose application describes how selection as an OpenOKState Fellow and the adoption, modification or creation of OER will help meet their own professional goals and objectives.

Projects selected to receive materials grants supporting remix of OER will include in their application a list of appropriately licensed resources being considered for modification and remix.

Projects selected to receive materials grants supporting creation of original content and ancillary materials where no existing OER is available will include in their application documentation of the gap in content. This documentation can include a description of platforms investigated, key terms used to search, the degree to which OER is represented in their professional conferences, and conversations with colleagues.

What if I am intrigued, but have more questions before I move forward?

Please reach out to Kathy Essmiller, OSU Libraries OER Librarian and Coordinator of OpenOKState. She is happy to help you getting started and at any point along the way. She can be reached at If it's helpful, feel free to preview the application questions.

Applications will open July 2023; they will be accepted and considered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. 

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