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OpenOKState Fellows: Student Scholar

OpenOKState Fellows Student Scholar Details

OpenOKState Student Scholar

OSU Libraries and OpenOKState are happy to share that the OSU Speech Communication Department has received the 2023-2024 OpenOKState Student Scholar award. The next application cycle should open Fall 2024. Thank you!  ~Kathy

One $1000.00 scholarship may be available for an undergraduate student selected by OSU faculty to assist the faculty member in modifying, creating, or converting existing course materials to be available as OER. The scholarship is intended to provide one semester of support. 

Call for Proposals

OSU Libraries and OpenOKState request proposals from scholars interested in modifying or creating open educational resources (OER). The writer of the successful proposal will receive funding for one semester of undergraduate student research support to complete the project, funded by the OSU Libraries. The student appointment would take place in the fall or spring semester, with the goal of having a beta version of the proposed project prepared to share at the end of the student's appointment. It is suggested that the student be selected from those who have previously participated in the course.

Research Assistant

The faculty scholar for the selected project will receive approximately five hours a week of research assistant support over the course of the semester. It is anticipated the research assistant will work one-on-one with the instructor of the course to identify topics and/or activities for improvement for the course. New exercises, approaches, and materials will be generated, tested by the student and instructor, and implemented in the next offering of the course. Whenever possible it is expected the instructor and stuent will work to format the lessons and materials for publication as OER and/or submit media to the OSU Library for use in publicizing the project.

Evaluation Criteria

Priority for selected proposals will be based on the following criteria:

  • Documented gap in OER materials in the content area
  • Impact on the OKState community (high enrollment course, frequently offered course)
  • Impact on the field (ancillaries for existing OER, resources for content area under-represented in OER, incorporation of innovative pedagogical techniques)
  • Development and implementation of novel and innovative teaching applications which can be shared on an OER platform (i.e., 3D models for visualization and/or 3D printing, videos, and demonstrations, etc.)

Application Instructions

Proposals submitted as part of the application should include:

  • The title of the course in which the OER will be used
  • A short narrative proposal describing the deliverables whose creation the grant will support
  • A statement of support for the project from another instructor teaching the course, a supervisor, or department head

Please contact Kathy Essmiller if you are planning to apply. The OpenOKState team is happy to help craft proposals and outline/develop useful outcomes. See this list of suggestions from the Open Education Network for ideas.

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