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OpenOKState Fellows: OER Champions

OSU Libraries OER Champions Information and Application

The OSU Libraries OER Champions Awards provide recognition to faculty, instructors, or staff who have made outstanding contributions to advance open practices and OER at OSU. These awards will honor those whose open course materials and professional and research practices have had an impact on the student experience and influenced peers to share more openly. 

Congratulations to Dr. Ashley Burkett, Dr. Katie Constantin, Dr. Joshua Daniel and Dr. Jessica Turcat on having been selected by OSU students, faculty and administrators to receive the 2021-2022 OSU Libraries OER Champions Award.

The OSU Libraries OER Champion Award honors OSU faculty and instructors for their innovative use of OER and library resources as an alternative to traditional proprietary textbooks and course materials.

Faculty and instructors eligible for nomination have engaged some or all of the practices below in their teaching, learning, and research:

  • Use existing OER and/or library resources in their classes
  • Create and share teaching materials that are ancillary to existing open textbooks, for example, test banks of questions, presentations, multimedia content, simulations, instructor and student manuals, study aids, or additional learning activities
  • Revise and share syllabi, assignments, and other course-related resources necessary for the transition to traditional proprietary textbooks and course materials
  • Modify/Create, share and use OER in their classes

Administrators, colleagues, and students are encouraged to nominate faculty and instructors. Self-nominations are also accepted. The nomination process will be open February through March, 2023. Review and selection will take place early April 2022, and notifications sent by April 30, 2023.