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Poster Printing at Oklahoma State University Library: Frequently Asked Questions

How big can my poster be?

Our printer is capable of printing up to 42 inches in width, and since we print from a roll, the length is as long as needed. When submitting a print, make sure that one side is less than or equal to 42 inches. For example, a 36" by 48" is fine, 42" by 100" is fine, while 44" by 44" is too large. For an explanation of how to set the size of your poster, visit this page.

How long will my poster take to print?

To make sure your poster is ready on time, submit it at least two business days in advance of when you need it. For example, if you need a poster by Friday morning, you should submit by Wednesday morning, for Monday afternoon, submit by the previous Thursday afternoon. Depending on the number of print requests currently in queue, it's possible for us to complete a print the same day it's submitted. You can call us at 405,744.9731 to get a rough estimate of how long turnaround will be.

Why did I get an email saying my poster is too small or only 8 1/2" by 11"?

Chances are you printed to PDF in PowerPoint, which shrinks the resulting file. See this page for how to export from PowerPoint to a PDF in a way that maintains the correct size.

Do you provide poster tubes?

Depending on timing, we may have a very limited number of poster tubes available. If we don't have a tube available, we can provide a plastic bag to protect your poster from the elements long enough for you to get somewhere to purchase a tube (such as the Union Bookstore, Fedex, Postal Pack and Ship Plus, Staples, etc.).

I am having trouble accessing the form. What should I do?

First, be sure to use your @okstate email address, including the

Second, when prompted for a password, use your OKEY password, which is the one you use for email/

If you're still having issues, try accessing the form using private browsing mode.

Do you offer finishing services such as lamination or mounting?

Unfortunately, we only provide printing and trimming services. You will need to contact a full service print shop such as Quik Print.