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Poster Printing at Oklahoma State University Library: Sizing your poster

Sizing your poster in PowerPoint

To set the size of your poster in PowerPoint:

  1. On the ribbon menu, click Design.
  2. Under the Customize subgroup, click Slide Size.
  3. Click Custom Slide Size.
  4. Enter the height and width you want (in inches).
  5. Click Maximize to try to fit your content to the new size. However, it is best to set the size of your poster before actually doing anything else. You may find it easier to create a new PowerPoint, set the slide size, and then copy the contents over yourself.

NOTE: The maximum size of a PowerPoint slide is 56" by 56". If you need to make a poster larger than that, design it at half size (example: for a poster you want to print at 42" by 72", size the PowerPoint slide to 21" by 36") request for it to be printed at 200% scale. To make such a request, call us (405-744-9731) after submitting the online form.

On the ribbon menu, click design, then slide size, then Custom Slide Size. Then, enter the dimensions for width and height.

Going from PowerPoint to PDF

In order to maintain the size of your PowerPoint poster, be sure to use Export, rather than Print.

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you'll see multiple options for creating a PDF on the export screen. It doesn't matter which one you choose.

Sizing your poster in Google Slides

To set the size of your poster in Google Slides:

1. Click File

2. Select Page Setup

3. Click the input box and select Custom

4. Set the dimensions you want!

Sizing your poster in Canva

To set the size of your poster in Canva:

Before you start designing.

1. Click File in the top left corner of the menu.

2. Select Create new design.

3. Select Custom size.

4. Then you can specify the width, height, and units for your poster.