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American Indian Resources: Reference Books--General (Print)

This is an introductory guide to resources for Native American Studies. Some, but not all, of these are available through the Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.


NOTE:  To understand history, it's important to know the sequence in which events happened, and the context in which those events took place.  Timelines and chronologies are valuable for this.

Chronology of American Indian History.  Sonneborn, Liz. (2007) (Updated edition.)  New York: Facts on File.  973.0497002 S699c 2007  General Reference, First Floor.  From before 1492 to the present, chronologically.  Glossary, bibliography, index.

Timelines of Native American History.  Waldman, Carl.  (1994).  New York:  Prentice Hall.  970.00497 W164t.  Not as complete as the above Chronology, but features a fold-out timeline organized by themes of Culture, Warfare & Protest, Politics & Law,  and European and Euroamerican Contacts with Native Americans. Brief biographical dictionary.

BASIC Reference Sources

NOTE:  These are a very few of the hundreds of reference works on American Indians.  Many recent editions are in General Reference on First Floor;  older editions are often in the stacks with the same general call numbers.