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American Indian Resources: How to Find Books

This is an introductory guide to resources for Native American Studies. Some, but not all, of these are available through the Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

How To Find Books in BOSS/Library Catalog


BOSS: Use BOSS if you would like to find all kinds of books (and articles) on a topic, and if you're willing to go through lots of hits to pick and choose.  This search works with keywords (important words) about your topic.  Start with one or two keywords;  use the options on the sidebar to narrow down the search. Advantages of BOSS:  Searches for keywords in many "fields" of the records;  option to choose books, articles, or everything.  Caution:  BOSS may return irrelevant results.

Where Are Books Located?

000 - 329 3rd floor
330 - 499 4th floor
500 - 649 Basement
650 - 659 4th floor
660 - 699 Basement
700 - 999 4th floor
Current Periodicals By Request
Theses 3rd floor
Quarto & oversize Basement