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American Indian Resources: Government Sources

This is an introductory guide to resources for Native American Studies. Some, but not all, of these are available through the Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

Digitized Historic Sources

Kappler's Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties

Indian Claims Commission Decisions

Indian School Journal


Selected Federal Documents About/for American Indians, Tribal Government section  "Official information and services from the U.S. government".  This meta-site is the mother lode of information.  This link is to the section with links to the government pages of the Federally recognized tribes.  Note: The list is arranged by tribal name, A to Z.    

List of Federally Recognized Tribes  These pages from the Federal Register contain a listing of the official names of all Federally recognized tribes in the contiguous 48 states, followed by the Alaska Native groups. This listing is more complete than the list, but it has only the name. 

 Indian Affairs (formerly known as the Bureau of Indian Affairs) Since 1824, this agency (or its forerunner) has been charged with the administration of matters dealing with Indians.  According to the Bureau's "what we do" page,  

     "While the role of Indian Affairs has changed significantly in the last three decades in response to a greater emphasis on Indian self-governance and self-determination, Tribes still look to Indian Affairs for a broad spectrum of services....The Indian Affairs offers an extensive scope of programs that covers the entire range of Federal, State and local government services."   For a better idea of the information available, users should see the Site Map for this website.  

Indian Arts and Crafts Board   This is the office in the Department of the Interior that seeks to ensure that art and craft items sold as U.S. Indian-made truly have been made by Native Americans.  Though not without controversy, the agency does provide leads to museums,marketing information and some sales opportunities for arts makers, sources for authentic crafts, and consumer education.

Selected State Documents About/For American Indians