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This guide covers resources for the study of drama and theatre at OSU, including how to find plays and reviews

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OSU Library Resources for Theatre

This guide will cover how to find research sources on theatre, drama and related topics using the print and online resources of the OSU Library. My contact information is on the left-hand side of the guide if you need assistance with your research in theatre or have other questions about the OSU Library.

For more information on other OSU Library resources for theatre graduate students, you can consult these separate library guides:

  • Literature & Literary Criticism covers resources for literary criticism on drama, etc., as well as resources for criticism on British, American, and other literary traditions.
  • Historical E-Book Collections goes into detail on historical book collections such as Early English Books Online, Eighteenth-Century Collections, and Nineteenth-Century Collections Online.  These collections have all books published in England from 1475 to 1800 (a valuable source for locating plays and early books on theatre from those periods) and many nineteenth-century works, including archival theatrical records, playbills, and programs from Drury Lane and other theatrical companies.
  • Music research guide will have information on finding sources in books, reference books, and articles on musical theatre and other stage productions such as ballet, dance, and opera.