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Open Textbooks/Open Educational Resources: Conferences and Opportunities

2023 CC Global Summit, Mexico City | 3-6 Oct, 2023

The CC Global Summit will take place F2F in Mexico City this coming fall. The venue will be the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco. Visit the Creative Commons blog for more information, or join the CC conversation on Slack.

2023 Oklahoma OER Summit November 3, Rose State College | Virtual and F2F

The Oklahoma Council for Online Learning Excellence (COLE) invites faculty, staff, and students to join us for the 2023 Oklahoma OER Summit. This year's event will be hybrid with free streaming sessions hosted via the Zoom Events platform. The in-person event will be held at the Rose State College Student Union with a $40 early-bird registration fee.

Time: 9 am - 3 pm (breakfast served 8-9 am for the in-person event)

Location: Hybrid at Rose State College (paid in-person event with free streaming sessions offered via Zoom Events)

Cost: In-Person early bird registration is $40 (regular $50); Virtual-only attendance is free.

Register for the free virtual OER Summit to join us via Zoom Events.

Register for the paid in-person OER Summit to join us at Rose State College.

Attendees will hear of new funding opportunities for open educational resources (OER), discover faculty-led open textbook projects, and gain access to resources provided to our colleges and universities at no additional cost.

The Call for Proposals is open through October 13. Presentations will focus on the following areas, all with an emphasis on Innovating Education for Tomorrow: Aligning OER with the Future of Oklahoma Higher Ed, with tracks including

  1. Aligning Education with Workforce Needs: Exploring how OER can be tailored to meet the specific demands of Oklahoma's workforce, including STEM and critical occupations.
  2. Enhancing Student Success through OER: Strategies for utilizing OER to support diverse student populations, improve preparation, and reduce barriers to success
  3. Digital Transformation and Online Learning: Leveraging OER to strengthen online education offerings, enhance the traditional learning experience, and support institutional collaborations
  4. Affordability and Access in Higher Education: Addressing the challenges of college affordability and student debt through the effective use of OER and micro-credentials
  5. Community Engagement and Public Perception: Building positive public perception about the value of higher education through community engagement, communication strategies, and showcasing the impact of OER

Funding is available to help reimburse participants for travel/or registration costs. Contact Kathy Essmiller for more information once you have registered.




OEGlobal Conference | 16-18 October, 2023, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The conference theme these year is "Building a Sustainable World through Open Education". This conference typically centers the sustainable development goals, and invites non-commercial approaches to achieving those goals through open practices. Registration is open now! Let me (Kathy Essmiller) know if you're going, we might be able to help with registration costs.

ICDE World Conference 2023 | November 6-10, 2023, San Jose, Costa Rica

The ICDE Worldwide Conference takes place every other year, I believe. I attended and presented in 2019, and was inspired by the ways in which researchers had integrated the Sustainable Development Goals into their work. The conference theme will be "joining hands in peace for the Futures of Education". I will watch for the CfP, but to get updates in your own email register your interest at the WCOL2023 website.

Creative Commons Certificate Course

Planning ahead? Join Creative Commons in one of the 10-week online courses in open licensing, open practices and the ethos of our shared, digital commons. And, get CC-Certified as an expert in open licensing! 

Courses include readings, quizzes, discussions, and practical exercises to develop learners’ open skills. Participants get personalized engagement with expert facilitators and copyright lawyers in the field, and offer a 1:25 (max) ratio of facilitators to course participants.

Currently they offer CC Certificate courses for Open Culture/ GLAM, Academic Librarians, and Educators. However, courses are open to everyone, from university students and entry-level professionals to experts in the fields of library science, education, and cultural heritage.

Learn more about the CC Certificate program.

From Kathy: I took this course a couple of years ago. It is well done, and I was especially grateful for the people I met and the ways in which it broadened my scholarly network. 

interesting Things to Watch

OER23 Presentations

The conference organizers recorded as many sessions as possible and have made them available on YouTube.


CCCOER Fall Webinar Series --

The Dec. 7 webinar was moderated by Matthew Bloom from Maricopa County, you will enjoy hearing his perspective.

Michigan OER Virtual Summit

Took place September 29-30, 2022

Theme: "Looking Back, Looking Forward"

The keynote speakers were Dr. Maha Bali, Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo, and Nicole Allen, Director of open Education for SPARC. This will be a really strong conference. Some of the recordings from this very strong conference are now available. Let me know if you went and what you thought! ~KE

OpenEd22 Conference

Recordings are now available from the 2022 Open Education Conference. Hear from other scholars exploring open educational resources, open pedagogy, and open education initiatives. This was a really great conference, and had researchers from a wide range of disciplines sharing how they are incorporating open practices into their research and teaching. Visit for opportunities to get involved with planning the 2023 national conference.


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