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Open Textbooks/Open Educational Resources: OpenOKState Fellows

The OSU Libraries’ OpenOKState Fellowship program is an opportunity to contribute to the success of OSU students, faculty, and the state of Oklahoma by facilitating open, customizable access to meaningful teaching, learning, and research resources and experiences.

OpenOKState fellowships are designed to support OSU faculty, instructors, and students actively envisioning and implementing open scholarly practices which broaden access to meaningful teaching, learning, and research opportunities. The program’s goal is to develop an ongoing, growing network of open practitioners. The OpenOKState Fellows application and selection process provides opportunity to identify, value, and cultivate people who demonstrate the creativity, expertise, and credibility necessary for sustained engagement with and development of inclusive and equitable scholarly environments. 

Call for Fellows

Applications are open for OpenOKState Fellowships. Visit the OpenOKState Fellowships information page for details and application information.

OpenOKState Fellows promote collaboration and innovation among OSU faculty, instructors, administrators, and students working to increase access to meaningful teaching, learning, and research resources and experiences. 

OpenOKState fellows are selected in recognition of their contribution to scholarship and teaching through open practices which advance academic excellence, support student success, and facilitate community engagement.

OpenOKState Learning Circles

Join a cohort of faculty working to curate, remix, and where necessary create primary or ancillary teaching and learning materials intended to replace required text purchases for recurring courses. Over the course of one semester, participants will

  • Develop strategies for locating and evaluating open educational resources
  • Learn to identify and integrate elements of copyright and licensing necessary for engaging with open educational resources
  • Work toward redesigning a course to use OER or create ancillary materials for existing OER.

Formal activities will include three one-hour virtual monthly meetings, completion of three OpenOKState micro-course modules and in-cohort presentation of completed projects. Learning Circle participants will receive a $500.00 stipend via special pay. See Open OKState Fellows Learning Circle details for more information.

OpenOKState Materials Grants 

Individuals, teams, and departments/programs may submit proposals for projects which support innovative teaching and eliminate student costs through the use of OER or Library materials in current or upcoming courses. Possible projects might include

  • Adopt and/or create ancillary materials for existing open or library resource (up to $600.00)
  • Adopt, adapt, or remix resources to create customized OER (up to $2,500.00)
  • Author original content and ancillary materials where no existing OER is available ($4,000.00)

See OpenOKState Fellows Materials Grant details for more information.

OpenOKState Research Grants

Faculty and instructors may apply for partial travel funding supporting their conference presentation of research completed related to activities and projects completed in association with OpenOKState initiatives or otherwise in partnership with OSU Libraries. Conferences can be discipline specific or related to open education in general. See OpenOKState Fellows Research Grants details for more information. See this link for a list of suggested open education conferences.

OpenOKState Student Scholar

One $1000.00 scholarship is available for an undergraduate student selected by OSU faculty to assist the faculty member in modifying, creating, or converting existing course materials to be available as OER. The scholarship is intended to provide one semester of support. See OpenOKState Fellows Student Scholar details for more information.

OSU Libraries OER Champions

The OSU Libraries OER Champions Awards provide recognition to faculty, instructors, or staff who have made outstanding contributions to advance open practices and OER at OSU. These awards will honor those whose open course materials and professional and research practices have had an impact on the student experience and influenced peers to share more openly. See OSU Libraries OER Champions for more information.

OpenOKState Fellows by Kathy Essmiller is licensed CC BY 4.0  . The content and programs described have been adapted from Think Open Fellowship by Marco Seiferle-Valencia  and localized for use by the Oklahoma State University community.