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Open Textbooks/Open Educational Resources: OpenOKState

In response to the nationally documented impact the high cost of commercial textbooks has on the personal lives and academic progress of university students, the Oklahoma State University Libraries created the OpenOKState Open Educational Resources program. Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials intentionally created and licensed to be freely accessed, shared, retained, and in many cases, modified at no additional cost to the end user.

OpenOKState Key Outcomes

Classroom use of OpenOKState grant supported OER has saved OSU students over $700,000.


At least 30 course modifications are underway or have been completed with support from OpenOKState programs.     


OSU is one of three institutions receiving a multi-year, $428,000 IMLS grant for development and implementation of OER.    


The OSU Libraries support Open in several ways:

  • OpenOKState Fellowships are available for faculty, instructors and students actively envisioning and implementing open scholarly practices which broaden access to meaningful teaching, learning and research opportunities.  Do you want to know more? »
  • OSU Libraries offers a range of small stipends as well as library and instructional design support for faculty and instructors designing courses which use open and library resources rather than  student purchased commercial textbooks. Do you want to know more? » 
  • The Library partners with faculty and instructors beginning to explore incorporation of OER and open resources into their teaching, learning and research praxis. Contact to get started!


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