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White O on Orange background shaped like mortarboardOpen Educational Resources are instructional materials intentionally created to be free to students. These materials are licensed by author/creators to permit and encourage distribution, modification, and retention. Resources may be in the form of textbooks, multimedia, full courseware, and more.‚Äč

White O in orange background shaped like a mortarboardUse of Open Educational Resources encourages faculty experimentation and innovation, facilitates the practice of open pedagogy, and increases affordability of and access to educational experiences.

White O on orange background shaped like a mortarboardEducators making use of Open Educational Resources may adopt resources created by others or adapt resources for use by editing or combining elements of resources created by others. These edited resources can then be re-published for further use and revision. Educators may also choose to create an entirely new openly licensed resource.


Open access is a key aspect of Open Educational Resources. Resources accessed through a subscription, paywall, or institutional membership are not considered Open Educational Resources, even if they are apparently free to the end user. Open licensing is a crucial part of the definition, as well. Resources which are openly accessible but licensed in ways which prevent modification or remixing are not considered Open Educational Resources, as they cannot be edited to meet varied educational needs.

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