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Copy Cataloging Training on ALMA for Student Assistants

Training procedure for monograph copy cataloging in Alma. Rev. 8/7/08 MOD; 1/21/11 MDS; 4/27/2011 CHAN (Numbered Sections); 11/24/15 HF
Tags: Copy cataloging, Monographs, Resource Management

Monograph Copy Cataloging

Copy cataloging of monographs on Alma requires attention to detail and accuracy. Patrons who use our online catalog need to be able to find the items they want; DRDS/Cataloging Department staff are responsible for enabling them to find their items.

After training with this manual the assistant should be able to:


  • Check a book against the Alma record and confirm it is the correct record.
  • Know MARC tagging for basic parts of the bibliographic record
  • Be able to do basic editing to the bibliographic record
  • Construct a call number for the item
  • Add the call number and holdings to the holding record
  • Make notations in the item records as needed
  • Take statistics