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Copy Cataloging Training on ALMA for Student Assistants

Training procedure for monograph copy cataloging in Alma. Rev. 8/7/08 MOD; 1/21/11 MDS; 4/27/2011 CHAN (Numbered Sections); 11/24/15 HF
Tags: Copy cataloging, Monographs, Resource Management

Building the Call Number and Cutter

Building a Call Number

1. Check the 082 field in the bib

2. If there is more than one 082, choose the second. It is more likely to have been built from the most recent edition of the cataloging standards.

3. If there are no 082 fields, check to see if the record has been updated.

  • Resources-check resources-system number, search by OCLC number
  • If there is an 082, overlay the record and proceed as usual.
  • If there is not an 082 field, check to see if there are other versions of the record with an 082. If yes, then copy the call number from the record. If not, then leave the call number section blank for the cataloger.

4. From the 082, take the call number with up to 8 characters past the decimal point:

E.g.: 973.00491412

Building a Cutter : see link below