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Carpentries @ Oklahoma State University: Workshop Information

Information about Data and Software Carpentries workshops and the Carpentries community

How Do I Register for a Workshop?

You may register on the OSU Carpentries website but registration will not open until  10-14 days before the date of the workshop.  Please check your calendar carefully when you register for a workshop.  If you cannot be there for the whole workshop, plan to attend the next one that is available.  By registering for a workshop you cannot attend, you may be taking up a slot that someone else could use.

After registering, you should receive an email from the workshop organizer with further instructions. If you were not able to register because the workshop was full, you have the option to be waitlisted.  Those who are waitlisted will receive early notice that the next workshop is open for registration.

If you are attending an in-person workshop at OSU and need information on parking, see our parking guide here.

Carpentries workshops are taught by trained and certified instructors

The Carpentries organization is global and lessons are developed and maintained by volunteers.  Complete lessons are available for download at the Software or Data Carpentry websites.  Workshop modules most frequently taught at the OSU Carpentries workshops are shown below.

Software Carpentry

  1. The Unix Shell
  2. Version Control with Git
  3. Programming with Python

Data Carpentry workshops at OSU are usually taught using the Ecology Curriculum

  1. Organizing data in spreadsheets
  2. Cleaning data with Open/Refine
  3. Data management with SQL
  4. Data analysis and visualization using R

It may be helpful to review the lessons before the workshop.  Each topic is described and the exercises and answers with the time needed to teach each topic given.  Instructors do have some flexibility to modify according to the progress of a class, so classes may be faster or slower than the time listed.

Find out more about becoming a certified instructor on the Instructor Certification page.

What Are Carpentries Workshops?

Data Carpentry develops and teaches workshops on the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research. Our mission is to provide researchers high-quality, domain-specific training covering the full lifecycle of data-driven research. Data Carpentry is now a lesson project within The Carpentries, having merged with Software Carpentry in January, 2018. Data Carpentry's focus is on the introductory computational skills needed for data management and analysis in all domains of research. Our lessons are domain-specific, and build on the existing knowledge of learners to enable them to quickly apply skills learned to their own research. Our initial target audience is learners who have little to no prior computational experience. We create a friendly environment for learning to empower researchers and enable data driven discovery.

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Since 1998, Software Carpentry has been teaching researchers the computing skills they need to get more done in less time and with less pain. Our volunteer instructors have run hundreds of events for more than 34,000 researchers since 2012. All of our lesson materials are freely reusable under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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Carpentries Code of Conduct

The Carpentries is a community-led project. We value the involvement of everyone in the community. We are committed to creating a friendly and respectful place for learning, teaching and contributing. All participants in our events and communications are expected to show respect and courtesy to others.

To make clear what is expected, everyone participating in Carpentry activities is required to conform to the Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct applies to all spaces managed by The Carpentries including, but not limited to, workshops, email lists, and online forums such as GitHub, Slack and Twitter. Workshop hosts are expected to assist with the enforcement of the Code of Conduct.

Parking Information for Participants Coming from Off Campus

Please let the workshop organizers know that you will need a parking permit.  We recommend that you park in Lot 31 (see the map below) in a metered space before coming into the library.  Lot 31 (circled in red) is close to the library (circled in blue) and has metered parking. If you turn south onto Monroe from Hall of Fame, travel two blocks. Lot 31 is on your left. After getting the permit, move your vehicle to a non-metered space in the same lot and then place the permit on the rearview mirror of your vehicle.

Parking at OSU is closely monitored and difficult to find.  Following these directions will help you start the workshop on time and save you a parking ticket!

For more information, here is a link to OSU's parking map and the parking office webpage: