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Carpentries @ Oklahoma State University: Instructor Certification

Information about Data and Software Carpentries workshops and the Carpentries community

Carpentries Instructor interest form

OSU Carpentries holds an instructor training session each year.  If you are interested in becoming a certified instructor please contact us.  Instructors should have attended at least one workshop and been a helper for at least one workshop.  We ask that after you become certified you commit to teaching twice a year for at least two years. 

Why should I become a Carpentries instructor?

Carpentries instructor training does not require a high level of proficiency in software or coding.  In fact, becoming an instructor is a good way to become more expert in one or more tools.  The training is focused on learning more about the Carpentries instruction techniques including how to create a non-threatening and inclusive learning environment.  After completing the training there is a three step checkout process to become certified.

  1. Participate in a Carpentries Community conference call.  This can be scheduled at your convenience and requires only that you introduce yourself, ask any questions that you have and listen to others describe their workshop outcomes.

  2. Teach a 5 minute, pre-prepared lesson on the Carpentries lesson of your choice.

  3. Submit an issue to the Carpentries lesson repository.  This can be a suggestion for a topic, a correction to lesson materials or any other significant contribution to the lessons.

The OSU Carpentries coordinating team is available to help answer questions and provide guidance throughout the checkout process.  If you have any questions please complete the interest form or contact  We look forward to having you be a part of our community!

Watch the videos below for input from our own certified instructors