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Carpentries @ Oklahoma State University: About OSU Carpentries

Information about Data and Software Carpentries workshops and the Carpentries community

What is the OSU Carpentry Organization?


What is the OSU Carpentry Organization?   We organize and teach free workshops based on the Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry organizations’ learning materials. We are actively engaged in enhancing the productivity of research across all disciplines on campus.

Our workshops help researchers and students improve the quality and efficiency of their work by teaching them how to use open-source software tools and computing resources. These workshops engage participants through a combination of theory and hands-on experience. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY and workshops are taught assuming no prior knowledge.

Workshops are scheduled regularly throughout the academic year.  A schedule of workshops for the semester can be found hereYou can also be notified of upcoming workshops by watching the OSU campus calendar, receiving email notifications (see the box on the side panel to sign up) or following @OkStateLibrary on Twitter.

How Do I Register for a Workshop?

You may register on the OSU Carpentries website but registration will not open until  10-14 days before the date of the workshop.  Please check your calendar carefully when you register for a workshop.  If you cannot be there for the whole workshop, plan to attend the next one that is available.  By registering for a workshop you cannot attend, you may be taking up a slot that someone else could use.

After registering, you should receive an email from the workshop organizer with further instructions. If you were not able to register because the workshop was full, you have the option to be waitlisted.  Those who are waitlisted will receive early notice that the next workshop is open for registration.

Parking Information for Off Campus Participants


Please let the workshop organizers know that you will need a parking permit.  We recommend that you park in Lot 31 (see the map below) in a metered space before coming into the library.  Lot 31 (circled in red) is close to the library (circled in blue) and has metered parking. If you turn south onto Monroe from Hall of Fame, travel two blocks. Lot 31 is on your left. After getting the permit, move your vehicle to a non-metered space in the same lot and then place the permit on the rearview mirror of your vehicle.

Parking at OSU is closely monitored and difficult to find.  Following these directions will help you start the workshop on time and save you a parking ticket!

For more information, here is a link to OSU's parking map and the parking office webpage: