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Edmon Low Creative Studios: 3D Printing Studio

3D printing and scanning is available and free to use for any OSU student or faculty member.

We welcome and encourage all majors, departments, or anyone wanting to add this skill to their repertoire to come and use our resources!

How to get access:

In order to gain access to the library's 3D printers, you must first demonstrate your willingness to learn how to properly operate our machines by completing our 3D Printing Certification and Assessment Training.

The process is straightforward, fairly simple, perfect for beginners, and is required of all new users regardless of any prior experience.

Every user must first be trained to use the Makerbot 3D printers and after 2-3 successful prints, you may request supplementary training on the Bambu 3D Printers.

What do I need to do?

You must first model a simple keychain tag using any CAD software of your choice.  

(If you are unfamiliar with any modeling software we recommend Blender.  It is a powerful, open source (free), multi-platform compatible modeling software whose website has a vast library of tutorials to get you started, you can also request one-on-one training below)

Your required model must contain: a cylinder, a cube, a torus/ring, and 3D text.  Once finished, export your model as a .STL format file and submit your file using the request link below.  No further knowledge of the 3D printers is required.

Your model should closely resemble this:


What happens during the actual assessment?

Once we've confirmed your appointment, you will come to the Creative Studios bringing your "keychain.stl" with you on a flash drive. We will then use your 3D model to guide you through the process of 3D printing.

First you will import your object into the 3D printer's slicing software and learn how to properly arrange it to get the best print results.  Next, we will walk you through the physical printing process, filament safety, proper procedures, and the assessment finishes with you printing out your modeled tag as a memento of your completed assessment.

Once you've completed your assessment, you can request 3D Prints using the second link below.

If you need access to the 3D scanner click the third link below; access requires brief training as well.

We look forward to seeing you!


Due to high demand at semester's end, priority access will be given to patrons that have already  completed their 3D Certification. We will do our best to get new users certified, but cannot guarantee access.

Contact Info

Edmon Low Creative Studios

(405) 744 - 7615

3D Device Information

3D Printers

  • Makerbot Replicator+ (5)

  • Makerbot Replicator Z18

  • Bambu X1 Carbon (4)

3D Scanner

  • David SLS-3 3D Scanner w/ Turntable

Color Filament

  • PLA: Black, White, Grey, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Violet, Transparent, Brown,

  • TPU: Black, White (coming soon)


3D Printing Statement of Responsibility