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Edmon Low Creative Studios: Tech to Go

The Edmon Low Creative Studios provides access to a wide variety of technology devices for students and faculty to use in their academic and personal creative endeavors.  Devices are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and can be checked out for three days.

Visual Equipment

Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality System:

A completely standalone virtual reality experience; no computer required, no sensors to set up, or cables to trip over!  Immerse yourself in a revolutionary new VR experience that you can checkout and take with you anywhere.  Explore virtual worlds, attend live events, improve fitness, flex your creativity, play games, and experience multimodal learning and social experiences.


Canon Rebel EOS T6:

Ideal for users seeking to enhance their photography skills. Featuring an 18.0 Megapixel image sensor it allows for highly detailed, vibrant shots and videos even in difficult situations.  A great option to take your photography to the next level.


Go Pro Hero 4:

HERO4 Black has a powerful processor that delivers 4K photos, 1080p video, and even super slow-motion capabilities.  Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart Remote and various mounts included with the checkout package. Optional chest harness and selfie-stick available by request.


Nikon Coolpix Point and Shoot: 

Nikon Coolpix point and shoot cameras are ultra-slim with Full HD 1080p video, watch or view instantly on a compatible smartphone or tablet with built in WiFi. Maximum zoom power with a 12x optical zoom and 24x Dynamic Fine Zoom.


Canon Vixia Camcorder:

Compact and easy-to-use, equipped with a Genuine Canon HD Video Lens with 53x Advanced Zoom for incredible range and reach. Record Full HD video directly to a removable SD memory card that is easy to use.


LG 360 Camera:

The LG 360 Camera has dual wide angle 13mp camera sensors that record 2K 360 video and audio effortlessly.  No need to stitch your captured footage together, the device does it automatically.  Featuring 5.1-channel surround sound, you can upload your footage to Google Street View, Youtube 360, or make your own 360 tour.


Google Glass Explorer Edition: 

A computer that you can wear like glasses. Google only released a limited number of these devices and access was only given to a select few technology reviewers, android app developers, and educational institutions.  This is your opportunity to get your hands on a new technology that almost no one else on the planet has experienced.


AmScope LED Trinocular Compound Microscope with 10MP USB Camera:

This professional microscope and camera are ideal for field research, analysis, teaching demonstrations, medical and veterinary study, and lab work. It comes with 30-degree inclined, 360-degree swiveling, Siedentopf trinocular head, 3D mechanical stage and intensity-variable 1W LED illumination system. It offers six magnification powers (40X, 100X, 250X, 400X, 1000X and 2500X). The trinocular port allows you to attach the digital camera which can capture still images and video, while also allowing others to view a live stream while you work. Kit includes a slide prep kit, kimwipes, and prepared biological slides.


Microphones and Recorders

Rode Podcasting Microphone Kit: 

Record high-quality vocals for podcasts and voice-over work right to computers with the RODE Podcaster, a USB microphone designed to sound great in a mobile or home studio setup. If all you have is a room and a computer, you can use this microphone to record your voice with professional resolution and clarity.  Kit comes complete with a table mounting arm, shock mount, and pop screen.

Zoom Digital Recorder:

The Zoom H2n Handy Recorder is the only portable recording device to come with five built-in microphones and four different recording modes: X/Y, Mid-Side, 2-channel surround and 4-channel surround. Other advanced features include automatic gain control and onboard MS decoding, plus effects like compression, limiting and low cut filtering.


Audio-Technica Lavalier Microphone: 

This microphone is a newscaster-style omnidirectional lapel mic engineered for intelligible, accurate voice reproduction.  This high-quality condenser is ideal for vlogging due to its low profile design which assures minimum visibility.


Shure VP64A Vocal Microphone:  

High-output omnidirectional handheld dynamic microphones designed for professional audio and video production.  Ideal for close-up use and can be used outside as well as indoors, well-suited to location interviews and can be plugged into any standard AUX port as well as XLR.



Sewing Machines


Husqvarna Viking H Class E20 Sewing Machine:  

Reliable Swiss-made mechanical sewing machine for all your sewing and alteration needs.  This machine has 32 fun and practical stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches and stretch stitches, a one step buttonhole, and simple threading.  Comes with a practical rolling case, presser foot, and accessories.  Thread not provided.



Husqvarna Viking Amber S100 Serger/Overlock Machine: 

No sewing project is complete without a strong serged edge!  This overlock machine has 4, 3, 2 thread capability with 16 different stitches to help you complete any project. Both the left and right front covers open to provide complete access to the looper area, making it super easy to thread. The differential feed gives you perfectly even seams - no stretching or distortion on knits or puckering of finer fabrics, and it can also be used for gathering.  Comes with a rolling case, presser foot, and accessories.  Thread not provided.


AAXA M6 LED Pico Projector: 

Native 1080P resolution, a 90 minute battery, VGA, HDMI, TF Card, and a USB port built in to allow playback from many sources using an onboard media player. Onboard premium speaker delivers vibrant sound.


Tripods and Stands

Smith-Victor P800 Tripod

Supports up to 5.0 lb, and includes a two-way, pan-and-tilt head. Its 3-section legs each feature flip locks for fast deployment, and can be positioned for a minimum height of 20.5" to a maximum height of 42.0", or 50.7" with its column fully raised. The center brace helps to hold the legs in place, which include rubber feet to further enhance stability on a wide variety of surfaces.


Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod: 

This mini tripod is designed for compact system cameras and can also be used with mobile phones with a compatible mobile phone clamp.  It has collapsible legs, a comfortable handgrip, and a push button locking mechanism for easy setup and adjustment.


Universal Smartphone Clamp: 

This device enhances the photographic potential of any smartphone device.  It has an easy to use twist movement and locking knob for great stability.  This clamp has a universal tripod adapter on its base, which allows most smartphone devices to be used with any standard tripod.


Zhiyun Smooth 3 Smartphone Gimbal: 

This electronic 3-Axis gimbal allows for smooth and stable smartphone video recording.  It has an internal accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as a 2-way phone clamp that permits balanced and stable video for both vertical and horizontal recording.  Charged via USB cable, it is capable of operating for up to 14 hours.


Studio Lighting

Savage Pro LED Ringlight: 

This versatile light source is great for both photography or video applications.  It is a low heat, noiseless LED light source and includes an adjustable height tripod.  The light is powered by two rechargeable batteries for great portability or it may be plugged into a wall outlet.  This ringlight also features variable brightness and an adjustable color temperature knob that can be changed from 3200K to 5500K for either a warmer or cooler light effect. 

Creative Studios Contact Info

Edmon Low Creative Studios

(405) 744 - 7615

Complementary Components

What do you want to do?

Ideal Components for:

  • Vlogging Kit
    • Lavalier Microphone
    • Mini Tripod
    • Smartphone Clamp
    • Smartphone Gimbal
    • LED Ring Light
  • Portrait Photography Setup
    • Canon Rebel DSLR
    • Smith-Victor Tripod
    • LED Ring Light
  • Video Documentary Setup
    • Canon Camcorder
    • Shure Vocal Microphone
    • Smith-Victor Tripod
    • LED Ring Light
  • Audio Interview / Podcast
    • Zoom H2n Recorder
    • or Shure Vocal Microphone

Creative Studios Statement of Responsibility

Additional Devices

  • ASUS BluRay Burners
  • Multi-Region DVD Players
  • TV + VHS Player
  • Typewriter
  • Microfilm Reader