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Government Information: Legislation and Regulations

Congress and Legislation

Guide to Law Online

The Legislative Process (U.S. House)
U.S. legislative information via the Library of Congress. Includes: Bills Introduced, Laws Enacted, Active Legislation, Appropriations; Current Legislative Activities; Members of Congress; Legislative Histories.

U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives

Congressional Publications

Congressional Directories

Congressional Offices

U.S. Statutes and U.S. Code


Find Regulatory Information
Federal regulations that are open for public comment (i.e.,proposed rules) and closed for comment (i.e., final rules) as published in the Federal Register.

Unified Agenda
The Unified Agenda (also known as the Semiannual Regulatory Agenda), published twice a year (usually in April and October) in the Federal Register (FR), summarizes the rules and proposed rules that each Federal agency expects to issue during the next year.