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Experts Directory: For Power Users

Power Users are expert users and early adopters of Experts Directory who support faculty as they build researcher profiles and run reports.

To become a Power User, contact your college's Associate Dean for Research.

Profiles & Publications for Power Users

First Steps
  1. Review your own profile if you have one. This is the easiest way to become familiar with the system.
    1. If you are working on behalf of other researchers, impersonate another user.
    2. Check name and email address for accuracy and add additional email addresses used for publication if needed.
  2. Check that identifiers, such as the Scopus ID and ORCiD, are accurate.
  3. Configure search settings so that publications are automatically claimed.
  4. Review publications. Claim or reject publications.
  5. Do this for all profiles in your purview.
To view the official Symplectic Elements help site, go to and create an account with your okstate email address.