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Experts Directory: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are common questions that faculty ask about Experts Directory. For additional information, see What Goes Where?

  1. Navigating Experts Directory
  2. Profile
  3. Publications
  4. Professional Activities
  5. Teaching Activities
  6. Grants

Navigating Experts Directory

Visit to access Experts Directory. Login with your OKey credentials. Experts Directory has not yet been rolled out to all colleges. Access to certain parts of the system may be limited depending on where your college is in the rollout process.

Search options are located in multiple places within Experts Directory, from your profile and from the menu. Learn more about searching Experts Directory here. Additional options for search will be available from the public-facing website, Experts, in the future.

Experts Directory is organized into five modules: Profile, Scholarly & Creative Works, Professional Activities, Teaching Activities, and Grants. Each module is further divided into types. The Publications module, for example, includes presentations, fact sheets, patents, and many other types. For a full overview of all available types with examples, visit the What Goes Where? page. You may find the frequently asked questions below useful as well.



View the Profile Guide for Researchers for additional information on editing your profile.


Some data, including title, comes directly from Banner and needs to be updated at the source. Contact your college's Human Resources consultant for assistance.


Please submit the contact form for help.


Experts Directory profiles are set to Internal by default. To learn more about profile privacy in Experts Directory, visit the For Researchers: Profiles page. Public profiles are located at


Yes, look for a globe or person icon. The globe icon indicates that an item is available for public view. When the person icon is showing, that activity is hidden from other Experts Directory users. Follow this link to learn more about profile privacy settings.


Delegates, Power Users and Administrators can view and edit others' researcher profiles by "impersonating" them. They will be able to see records marked public and private. Click here for more information about profile privacy levels in Experts Directory.


Some information on your profile page is fed from other systems. This includes name and OSU appointment. Those fields are locked and cannot be edited. You can only edit the fields in the profile page that are not locked. Your name, department, and OSU email address are imported directly from Banner and must be updated via Human Resources: contact your college's Human Resources consultant for assistance. To correct your OSU appointment or any other data, please contact support. Click here for more information about completing your profile in Experts Directory.


Most profile data and all teaching and grants data are automatically populated from the University's Human Resources system, Banner. Fields such as research interests and professional activities are entered manually. Click here for more information about completing your profile in Experts Directory.


Below your profile photo, click Edit My Profile. Scroll down to Addresses. Click Add a web address. The URL (web address) is required. A label (optional) will display whatever text you enter and a colon in front of the URL. Type is also optional and only affects display in your Experts public profile. For example, choosing the type Twitter will place a Twitter icon to the left of the link in your Experts public profile. For additional help, see the Adding External Links to Your Profile video tutorial.


Under your profile photo or icon, click Edit My Profile. In the upper right corner, click the CVs and Reports button. There are several ready-made options for building a CV based on publications and activities you've added to Experts Directory. New CV reports that better suit the needs of OSU faculty may be built in the future and will appear in that menu when they are available.



Scholarly & Creative Works

View the Scholarly & Creative Works Guide for Researchers for additional information about editing your publications.


Although many publications are imported into Experts Directory from Scopus and other databases, not all publications are available. Create a manual record for a publication when your publication is not automatically collected from a database. You may be able to import your publications from another database, such as Google Scholar, or application, such as EndNote or Publish or Perish. Follow this link for instructions on importing publications into Experts Directory.


Adding additional data or to a record or editing an automatically imported record is another reason to create a record manually. Do note that this record is specific to you and will not be included in reports.

Add a new Scholarly & Creative Work of the type "Book" to your profile. Under "What is your relationship with this book?" check "Editor of." Enter the book information.


Then, add second publication of the type "Book chapter" to your profile. Enter yourself as the author and complete the chapter information. You can also add yourself and other editors here, but it is not required.

It is possible to override an automatically imported date that is incorrect. For full instructions with screenshots, please visit Manage Scholarly & Creative Works: Add or correct reporting date.



Professional Activities

View the Professional Activities Guide for Researchers for additional information on editing your professional activities.


For accurate reporting all activities in Experts Directory must include at least one date (a start and/or end date). Activities without dates may be excluded from annual and other reports.

There are several factors that play into this decision. Any activities that you'd like to appear on your public profile need to be entered into Experts Directory. Current year activities that you'd like to add to your next A&D should be added. The A&D process includes a CV-upload option, so prior year or "historic" activities will be incorporated into your A&D in that way.


Teaching Activities

View the Teaching Activities Guide for Researchers for additional information on editing your teaching activities.


All courses recorded in Banner are automatically added to Experts Directory at the end of each semester and should not be entered manually. For questions about courses taught, please Contact Support.

Presentations of all kinds are entered as "Scholarly & Creative Works." Workshops and other trainings, however, are entered under "Teaching Activities" as other teaching/trainings (even if it is offered for CE credit). Go to the Extension and Engagement Activities support page for more information.



View the Grants Guide for Researchers for additional information on editing your grants.


All funded grants processed by the Grants & Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA) office are automatically fed into Experts Directory on a weekly basis. Any grant that has not yet or will not be processed by GCFA may be entered manually. Click here for information on adding a grant manually..

Please fill out the support form linked here. If you are making multiple changes to multiple grants (e.g. correcting typos, capitalization errors, etc.), it is recommended that you download your CV from Experts Directory (go to Edit My Profile > CV and Reports in the upper right corner), and, using the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word, make the desired changes and upload them to the support form. Please do not manually link anyone to the grant--if it is missing a PI or co-PI, submit the request on the form.

Please do not add a new person to the grant manually. It will be overwritten by the automatic data transfer. If a PI or co-PI is missing, please fill out the support form at to have this corrected by the Grants & Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA) office.

Data is not available for grants awarded prior to the OSU Banner implementation ca. 2016. These grants may be manually entered as Other Funding. Click here for information on adding a grant manually..