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Checkout Information for Devices: Semester-Long Laptops

The library offers a select amount of Dell laptops that can be checked out for one semester with the option to renew for an additional semester. To be considered for the opportunity, students must submit their information into a drawing. The drawing opens at the beginning of the Fall semester and will be announced through the library's social media pages. Putting your name in the drawing is not a guarantee that you will be chosen for a laptop, as the process is entirely random. 

Semester-Long laptops are only available through the drawing. All other laptop checkouts will follow the usual policies and procedures outlined on this page.

The number of laptops provided for the drawing changes every year depending on availability. Laptops vary in condition and are not eligible for repair or replacement. 

If you have any questions about the process or a semester-long laptop you currently have checked out, please email the laptop manager at


Drawing Information

Current Drawing Information:
Entries for the semester-long laptop drawing (2024-2025 academic year) will be accepted in September 2024.

Laptop Manager
Room 101
Edmon Low Library
(405) 744-7117