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Checkout Information for Devices: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All expectations and policies for laptops, and prices for damage, can be found on the library's device Statement of Responsibility. If your question is not answered on this list, however, please feel free to ask the staff behind the circulation desk or email the device manager at

Where can a laptop be rented?

On the first floor of the library at the south side of the circulation desk. AV devices can be checked out through the Creative Studios.

What kind of devices are available?

Dell laptops, MacBook Airs, and Microsoft Surfaces are available for student patrons. Faculty and staff have Dell laptops and MacBook Airs that they can check out.

How long can a laptop be checked out?

Five hours for all students with a valid Oklahoma State University ID. Faculty and staff laptops are available for three days. Renewals can be made in person or over the phone, as well as online under 'My Account' on the library home page. If there is a waitlist for laptops, patrons will NOT be able to renew their laptops.

Can I check out a laptop for longer?

No. All laptops can be checked out for five hours, up to ten with renewal, but then must be brought back to the desk. Faculty and Staff laptops can be checked out for three days, with renewal up to six days. The library does NOT offer extended checkouts for students on the regular laptop checkouts.

However, every semester the Library does offer an opportunity for semester long laptop checkouts. Please find more information about this program here. Putting your name in the library DOES NOT guarantee a laptop for any patron.

How long does it take to check out a device?

A few minutes, at most. Employees must check that each patron has a Statement of Responsibility on their account before they check out a laptop, ensuring that the patron is aware of all policies concerning the devices, and record important information in case of damage, loss, or theft of the laptop.

Are there fines for being late?

Yes. The fines are $0.50 a minute, $30 an hour for laptops brought back late. Faculty and staff fines are $50 per day late.

What happens when the battery runs low?

All laptops wipe their hard drives when they lose power or are turned off. This is to keep any possible information that is still open on the computer safe from the next patron that may check the device out. If the battery of a laptop runs low, students can check out a power cord from the device counter so that they do not lose any information.

Are the laptops compatible with printers in the library?

Yes. There are printers that connect to laptops via USB cable across from the laptop checkout counter on the first floor of the library.

When returning a laptop, can it be left at the circulation desk?

No. All laptops must be handed back DIRECTLY to a staff member behind the device counter, never left on the counter to be found later. If there is a line, patrons must wait to be helped. Abandonment of a laptop or other device will count as a strike against a patron's account. Three strikes and a patron cannot check out devices until the next semester.

Can software be installed on the computers?

Only the Dell computers allow for software installation. Macs and Surfaces do NOT allow new installs.

Can the laptop be taken out of the library?

Yes. Each laptop is equipped with wireless internet and should connect to the university's internet automatically.

Rental Procedure

Laptop Renewal
(405) 744-6812
Renew Online

Fines and Fees
.50¢ a minute / $30 an hour

All students and staff must sign a Statement of Responsibility before checking out any devices. Devices from the Edmon Low Library can be checked out for 5 hours at a time, with the option to renew up to 10 hours unless there is a wait list. Laptops must be returned directly to the attendant on the Laptop Circulation desk.

Device Manager

Room 101
Edmon Low Library

(405) 744-7117

Warning! Data Loss!

When a student laptop is turned off or loses power, all material not saved to an external drive or the student's H: Drive will be lost! The Edmon Low Library is not responsible for any data lost due to power loss. As such, the library cannot guarantee the amount of battery charge left in each machine.

Power cords are available for check-out with your laptop to ensure it stays fully charged.