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OSU Library Metadata: A Guideline to Best Practices: Collection Name

This site provides guidelines for OSU's local implementation of CDP Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices Version 2.1.1

Collection Name

Label: Collection Name
Mandatory: Optional, but recommended
Maps to Dublin Core Element Name:
Maps to MARC field (in World Cat): 740
Repeatable: No
           Refinements: None
           Schemes: None

Dublin Core Definition: Collection Name

There is no Dublin Core definition resource from which the present resource is derived.

Comment/Context: Collection Name

When applicable, use the Collection Name element to identify the collection from which the digital resource was derived, either in whole or in part. 

Input Guidelines: Collection Name

Use the collection naming schemes in place within the requisite department (Digital Resources and Discovery Services; Special Collections and University Archives; Oklahoma Oral History Research Program; Maps) to identify the collection.


Examples: Collection Name

Oral History

  • Spotlighting Oklahoma Oral History Project
  • O-STATE Stories

Special Collections and University Archives

  • Paul Miller Papers
  •  Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College Memorabilia Collection
  •  Oklahoma State University Department of Chemistry Records
  •  Angelo Cyrus Scott Papers