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OSU Library Metadata: A Guideline to Best Practices: Thesauri

This site provides guidelines for OSU's local implementation of CDP Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices Version 2.1.1


The list below includes some of the major thesauri, but more exist.

Caution: Before opting to use terms from a thesaurus other than ones listed below, carefully consider if selected thesauri will be acceptable to any potential partners with whom you may share your records.

Other established thesauri or word lists include, but are not limited to:

Label Scheme Name
AAT Art and Architecture Thesaurus
GMGPC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials: TGM II, Genre and Physical Characteristics
LCTGM Thesaurus for Graphic Materials: TGM I, Subject Terms
Local Locally controlled list of terms
FAST Faceted Application of Subject Terminology
TGN Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names