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OSU Library Metadata: A Guideline to Best Practices: Description

This site provides guidelines for OSU's local implementation of CDP Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices Version 2.1.1


Label: Description
Maps to Dublin Core Element Name: description
Maps to MARC field (in World Cat): 5XX
Mandatory: Yes, if applicable
Repeatable: Yes
           Refinements: None
           Schemes: None

Dublin Core Definition: Description

An account of the content of the resource. Description may include but is not limited to: an abstract, a summary, a table of contents, reference to a graphical representation of content, or a free-text account of the content.

Comment/Context: Description

The Description element will be used to capture a free-text account of the content of the digital
resource. Descriptive comments about the original object that cannot be observed in the digital
resource can be entered in the Source element.

Input Guidelines: Description

  1. Enter multiple descriptions in the order of their importance. Use separate Description elements to enter multiple descriptions or clearly separate each entry by a semicolon followed by a space (; ) within an element.
  2.  Enter descriptive text, remarks, and comments about the digital object. This information can be taken from the object or provided by the contributing institution.
  3. Enter here specialized information not included in other elements, for example, description, technique, and distinguishing features if observable in the digital object and inscriptions.
  4. Descriptive comments about the original object that cannot be observed in the digital resource can be entered in the Source element.


Examples: Description

Extended description of item, in natural language (caption-style) include any names of people in
photos, if known. Include any additional notes information about the digital file.

Oral History
Cousins Luciana "Lucy" Loyal and Zefta "Dolly" Pirtle are members of the sixth generation of the Loyal Repensky family which was renowned for their bareback riding acts. Lucy and Dolly shared memories of their childhood, including their training sessions, and described how they each chose their career paths. Lucy, now retired, provided details of her own career as a bareback rider and Dolly, now retired, explained why she pursued a career outside of the circus.


Special Collections and University Archives

  • Correspondence from Alice Wesley
  • Camp with a flagpole in the center of the camp. Flags are the American flag and a dark colored flag, possibly a regimental flag, with a light colored design on it
  •  Handwritten paper entitled "The World of Work"
  •  Women putting envelopes marked Correspondence study department in post office
  •  Outside of Murray Hall after dark
  • A picture of the Campus Theater on Campus Corner
  • Women in a lab in Old Central - class in cooking 1901-1902
  •  Receiving Line at Student Union Tea, Friday afternoon. Left to Right: Minnie Walters, 1910 of Stillwater, Mrs. Mary Nielson Taylor, 1903 of Perry; Emma Chandler, 1903 of Pawhuska, and Dean Nora A. Talbot, 1910 of Stillwater