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OSU Library Metadata: A Guideline to Best Practices: Contributor

This site provides guidelines for OSU's local implementation of CDP Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices Version 2.1.1


Label: Interviewer or contributor
Maps to Dublin Core Element Name: Contributor
Maps to MARC field (in World Cat): 7XX
Mandatory: Optional, but recommended
Repeatable: Yes
           Refinements: None
           Schemes: Locally Controlled List, LCNAF, WorldCAT, and other reference sources

Dublin Core Definition: Contributor

Dublin Core Definition: An entity responsible for making contributions to the content of the resource.

Dublin Core Comment: Examples of a Contributor include a person, an organization, or a service.  Typically, the name of a Contributor should be used to indicate the entity

Comment/Context: Contributor

The person(s) or organization(s) who made significant intellectual contributions to the resource but whose contribution is secondary to any person(s) or organization(s) already specified in a Creator element. Examples: editor, transcriber, illustrator, etc. For locally controlled names, an internal list will be preferably utilized. Other sources such as the Library of Congress Authorities ( or specified bibliographic utilities (e.g., WorldCat) may be also utilized to determine the correct form of the name.

Input Guidelines: Contributor

  1. Enter multiple contributors in the order in which they appear on the resource or in order of their importance. Prefer to enter multiple creators in one element rather than a single element. Clearly separate each entry by semicolon followed by a space (; ) within an element.
  2. Enter personal names in the inverted form: “Last name, First name, Middle name, Initial.” If it is not obvious how to invert or structure the name, use the name form given in an authority list, or enter it as it would be in the country of origin. Birth and/or death dates, if known, should be added to personal names, if known. Enter group or organization names in full, direct form. In the case of a hierarchy, list the subordinate units from the largest to smallest, separated by periods.
  3. If a group or organization name includes subordinate units, the name may be shortened by eliminating some of the hierarchical parts not considered necessary for uniquely identifying the body in question. For example, to enter the CIA as a creator, use the form of the name as given in the Library of Congress Authorities (“United States. Central Intelligence Agency”) instead of the full hierarchical name (“United States. National Security Council. Central Intelligence Agency”).
  4. If there is doubt as to how to enter a name and the form of name cannot be verified in a controlled vocabulary, enter it as it appears and do not invert. For example: “Sitting Bull.”
  5. Optional: The function of a contributor may be included in parentheses after the name. For
    example: “Rockwell, Norman, 1894-1978 (illustrator).”


Examples: Contributor

Personal Names Comments
Barnes, David, 1955-1980; St. Onge, Louis, Brown, Jayne, 1962- Contributors list consisting of personal names
Oklahoma State University. Department of Agronomy; Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station Contributors list consisting of corporate names
St. Onge, Louis Names may be recorded without a year if no birth year is known.