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OSU Library Metadata: A Guideline to Best Practices: Rights

This site provides guidelines for OSU's local implementation of CDP Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices Version 2.1.1


Label: Rights
Maps to Dublin Core Element Name: Rights Management
Maps to MARC field (in World Cat): 540, 506
Mandatory: Yes, if applicable
Repeatable: Yes
Refinements: None
Schemes: None

Dublin Core Definition: Rights

Dublin Core Definition: Information about rights held in and over the resource.

Dublin Core Comment: Typically, a Rights Management element will contain a rights management statement for the resource, or reference a service providing such information. Rights information often encompasses intellectual property rights (IPR), copyright, and various property rights. If the Rights Management element is absent, no assumptions can be made about the status of these and other rights with respect to the resource.

Comment/Context: Rights

The content of this element is intended to be a rights management or usage statement, a URL that links to a rights management statement, or a URL that links to a service providing information on rights management for the resource. A rights management statement may contain information concerning accessibility, reproduction of images, copyright holder, restrictions, securing permissions for use of text or images, etc.

Input Guidelines: Rights

  1. Enter multiple rights in order of their importance. Use separate Rights Management elements to enter multiple rights or clearly separate each entry by a semicolon followed by a space (; ) within an element.
  2. Enter a textual statement and/or a URL pointing to a use and access rights statement for digital resources on the Internet.
  3. This statement can be a general copyright statement for the institution, for the whole collection, or a specific statement for each resource.
  4. The statement may be general, providing contact information, or specific, including the name of the copyright holder.
  5. Make sure that the rights statement corresponds to the digital resource; for example, link to a copyright statement for the digital resource instead of the original resource.


Examples: Rights

Digital Resources and Discovery Services
Copyright is held by the author who has granted the Oklahoma State University Library the nonexclusive right to share this material in its institutional repository. Contact Digital Resources and Discovery Services at or 405-744-9161 for the permission policy on the use, reproduction or distribution of this material.

Oral History
This material may be not be copied or reproduced without permission. For more information, contact the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at or call 405-744-7685

Special Collections and University Archives
The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of copyright. Whenever
possible, Special Collections and University Archives will provide information about copyright
owners and related information. Securing permission to publish or use material is the responsibility
of the researcher. Note that unless specifically transferred to Oklahoma State University Libraries,
any applicable copyrights may be held by another individual or entity. Copyright for material
published by Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College/Oklahoma State University is held
by the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. All rights
reserved. Further information about copyright policy can be obtained by contacting Special
Collections and University Archives by email at or by phone at 405-744-

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