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Reviews of Serial Subscriptions

As a routine part of managing the collection, the Library regularly evaluates the value of the resources to which we subscribe. Our primary goal is to provide our students and faculty with the best tools that we can afford to offer. Continually reviewing our existing subscriptions to ensure that they are still meeting the teaching and research needs of the university and still represent a good investment of funds helps us meet that goal.

We evaluate subscriptions throughout the year as renewal deadlines approach. Some subscriptions renew annually, while others are multi-year commitments.

For the past several decades, prices of serials subscriptions have increased far in excess of inflation and of increases, if any, to academic library budgets. The ever-growing share of materials budgets consumed by these existing commitments limits our ability to provide users with other resources, including new journal subscriptions, databases, and books.

Information on serials review projects will be posted here as they progress.

Guide Sections

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
National Trends: Overview of national trends in library spending on serials, including links to research and to similar projects at other universities
OSU Trends: Overview of the proportion of OSU's library materials budget devoted to different types of resources since 2012
2020 Project: Taylor & Francis: Description of a serials review project currently in progress
2020 Project: Individual Subscriptions: Description of a serials review project currently in progress
2019 Project Archive: Description of serials reviews that were completed in 2019, the majority of which were renewed without changes