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Serials Review Projects: 2021 Projects Archive

Big Deals Renewed

Four of our largest multiyear serials contracts ended in 2021 and were renegotiated for 2022. After analysis, we concluded that all four continued to provide good value for our users and so should be renewed.



Renewal Term: 2022-2027

Number of Journals: 2,313

Journal Years Available Online: 1995-present in most cases

Notes and Changes: We renewed our Elsevier contract on significantly improved terms. Pricing will be held flat for two years, followed by 1% increases in 2024 and 2025 and 2% increases in 2026 and 2027, which will help the library achieve more sustainable spending over the long term. The new contract also serves our ongoing goal of better balancing our spending between serials and books by adding a subscription to Elsevier's All-Access Ebooks. This will allow our users to read all ebook titles on the Science Direct platform at no additional costs. These ebooks are DRM-free and allow unlimited simultaneous users.



Renewal Term: 2022-2024

Number of Journals: 1,476

Journal Years Available Online: 1997-present in most cases

Notes and Changes: This subscription deal is negotiated through the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), a consortium of American research libraries. The agreement has not changed significantly from our 2019-2021 contract.



Renewal Term: 2022-2024

Number of Journals: 929

Journal Years Available Online: 1999-present in most cases

Notes and Changes: This deal is negotiated through GWLA. Beginning in 2022, researchers affiliated with institutions that subscribe through GWLA will receive 10% discounts on article processing charges when they publish in Gold OA Sage journals.


Oxford University Press

Renewal Term: 2022-2024

Number of Journals: 383

Journal Years Available Online: 1996-present in most cases

Notes and Changes: This deal is negotiated through GWLA and is substantively unchanged from our current agreement.

JSTOR Journal Hosting Program

The JSTOR Journal Hosting Program ended January 1, 2022. Through this program, JSTOR formerly provided a platform for the current issues of approximately 250 journals as they were published.

Most of these journals either became open access or moved to Project Muse or Duke University Press for ongoing hosting while keeping archives of older volumes on JSTOR. In summer 2021, we reviewed the titles being removed from the Journal Hosting Program and selected journals to which to retain individual subscriptions. Most of these journals received very little use, so it was possible to allow them to lapse with minimal impact on our users. Overall, this review saved nearly $27,000 for us to invest in new collections.