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Experts Directory: Group Statistics Reports

The Group Statistics module provides tables and plots representing faculty in a given group (e.g. individuals, departments, colleges, etc.). The available information is at the bottom of the page.

To generate Group Statistics:

Go to Experts Directory menu icon(Menu) > Reporting > Reports & Dashboards > Group Statistics

1/2. Select users AND/OR groups

  • You can either select users one-by-one by entering their names into the search box and adding them to a list, or select existing departments or colleges. To select existing groups, expand the tree and check the relevant boxes. Only groups for which you have 'Statistician' access will have check-boxes. Similarly, only users within your groups will be available via the individual user search.

3. Select Filters

  • Choose a range of years
  • Choose whether to include inactive users (those who have now left OSU)
  • Choose whether to include non-academic staff
  • Select Scopus as the citation source (OSU does not have a subscription to Web of Science and the data is therefore not available)

See below for a full list of data available in Group Statistics, important information to consider when interpreting this data, and options for downloading it.

Group Statistics Data

At the top of the result, two 'headline statistics' will be displayed:

  • Total number of people in selection
  • Total number of related publications (note that this excludes publications that do not have a reporting date. For more about reporting dates, see Add or Correct Reporting Date. You can view a dashboard of items without a reporting date by...

Zoom to screen capture of group statistics plots

Total publications per year

For the chosen group or individual, this table shows the total number of publications in each of the years within the chosen range. If the date range does not specify whole years at the beginning and end of the range, only the publications within this range will be shown for these years.

Average publications per user by year

This chart shows the average number of publications per person in the chosen group for each year in the chosen date range.

As academic fields will vary in their publication frequency, comparative use of this chart is most helpful when comparing an individual with their peer group, rather than comparing different groups. Make sure not to include non-academic users (i.e. those with publications searches switched off) when you want to use this chart for analysis. Otherwise, the average will include all users of the system, including system administrators and delegates, and will not therefore be accurate.

Publications by citation count

This chart shows the number of publications for the group or individual against six ranges of citation count values.

Users' yearly publication rates vs. average

This chart show users' yearly publication rates versus the average publication rate in the present set.

Zoom to screen capture of group statistics plots


This chart shows the distribution of H-Index (x publications cited at least x times) values for the chosen group of users, or an individual data point if an individual user is selected. It is based on citations (as collected by Scopus) to their claimed publications. For group statistics, hovering over a data point on the chart will bring up the name and H-Index of the relevant author.

It is important to note that citation rates and customs will vary considerably between academic fields. Therefore, comparing H-Index distributions for different departments within your institution should be done with great caution. See, e.g.

  • Teixeira da Silva, J.A., Dobránszki, J. Multiple versions of the h-index: cautionary use for formal academic purposes. Scientometrics 115, 1107–1113 (2018).
  • Ian Rowlands, Is it time to bury the h-index? The bibliomagician (2018)

Journals by frequency

This table shows the number of publications in each journal within the dataset. It also shows the impact factor of each journal title. Click on the small green CSV icon next to the title to download this to a spreadsheet.

Click to zoom Journals by Frequency plot

Authors by number of citations

This table shows the names of the authors within the dataset and their number of citations. It is sorted to place the author with the most publications at the top of the table. Click on the small green CSV icon next to the title to download this to a spreadsheet.

Top cited publications (maximum rows 200)

This table lists up to 200 publications from the dataset, in order of citation count for the publications.