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Experts Directory: Roles in Experts Directory

User Roles in Experts Directory

Individual users can be given specific privileges over groups of users in Experts Directory depending on the role assigned to them by their College. 

All Experts Directory users may assign delegates who can edit their profile. Please follow this link for detailed instructions on how to assign a delegate.


Group Administrators
  • can change group properties, group membership and can also assign users and other administrators to their groups.
  • get automatic rights to impersonate all members of their group.
  • It is expected that this role will usually be filled by a person who will be the point of contact and administrator for the system for a large (usually college level) group of people.
  • Training for this role is required and will be developed later in the year. At this time, it would be useful to begin identifying who may serve in this role


Research Managers
  • have the right to impersonate all members in their group. The primary reason to give them this ability is so that they can change their search terms or help with approvals, but they can perform any other function that impersonation allows. 
  • do not have the right to change group properties, membership or roles.
  • It is expected that this role will usually be filled by department or faculty administrators, who have the task of helping a set of people with the day-to-day management of their records.
  • When you have the role of Research Manager and you impersonate an end user, your actions are recorded in the history of an item.
  • have the ability to run reports on groups, and members of the groups, that they have statistician access to.
Faculty Power Users
  • early adopters and champions, answering questions and providing support to their faculty colleagues.
  • do not have impersonation or reporting rights unless faculty explicitly assign them as delegates.