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Edmon Low Library

William E. Brock Memorial Library: Finding the CVHS Library

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Directions to the William E. Brock Memorial Library

The William E. Brock Memorial Library is located in McElroy Hall on the west side of the Oklahoma State University campus at Stillwater. McElroy Hall is on the corner of McFarland Avenue and Farm Road. You can get to the library through the front of McElroy Hall during regular business hours when someone can buzz you in. OR,  you can enter directly into the library via the back entrance (see second map) at any time that the library is open.

There are two designated visitors parking spaces behind the library. All parking is open to the public after 5 pm and on weekends.

Please call 405-744-6655 for more details


Finding McElroy Hall

Finding the CVHS Library

Once you've gotten to McElroy Hall, here's the location of the library...