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William E. Brock Memorial Library: Plumb's Pro Veterinary Drugs

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Plumb's Pro Veterinary Drugs

Oklahoma State University now has electronic access to Plumb’s Pro.  

Building on Plumb's Veterinary Drugs, Plumb's Pro provides a full suite of clinical decision support, pet owner education, and trusted drug information and tools, including: 

  • Continuing access to all existing Plumb's features (including drug monographs on 800+ drugs, the drug interaction checker for evaluating potential drug-to-drug interactions).
  • Clinical Briefs that covers clinical conditions and signs and include guidance for navigating common clinical challenges. 
  • A searchable library of peer-reviewed algorithms covering a wide range of topics, from anemia and read eye to chronic diarrhea in cats. 
  • Pet Owner guides that include patient guides, covering clinical conditions, procedures and more, and the medication guides on 550+ commonly used drugs) 

Plumb's Pro can be accessed through any computer or smart device that is connected to the University’s network. If you are off campus, off-campus login with OKEY credentials is needed through Anywhere Library Access before connecting to Plumb's.    

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