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McCasland Maps and Spatial Data: Finding GIS Data

Searching Google

Finding GIS data using Google

  • You can oftentimes find GIS data using straightforward Google searches, such as "oklahoma city gis data". 
  • If you want to get fancier, you can limit search results to governmental websites using the site: modifier, for example "oklahoma city gis data site:*.gov". This can help weed out less helpful/trustworthy results.
  • If results are lacking, broaden your geographic scope a bit. For example, instead of GIS data for a specific city, look for GIS data for that county or state.

When searching Google fails you, the list below might help you locate what you're looking for. You can also email me at or call 405.744.4869 for additional help.

ArcGIS Service Directory


Local (Cities/Counties in Oklahoma)

States other than Oklahoma



Countries (non-US)