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McCasland Maps and Spatial Data: Workshops

Below is a list of workshops offered by Maps & Spatial Data Services. The Library offers many other workshops.

Mapping 101: An Introduction to Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS

This five-hour workshop is appropriate for students (undergraduates and graduates), faculty, and staff who are interested in learning about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the making of digital maps. For students, it's a way to get an instructor-led taste of GIS before committing to a full length course. For everyone, it's a way to see what's possible with maps. Facilitated by Kevin Dyke, Maps and Spatial Data Curator.

Introduction to Story Mapping

This workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in telling stories using maps and other media such as photos, audio recordings, and video. Story maps are versatile enough to explain your research in an accessible and compelling way, or show off pictures from a recent vacation. In the workshop you will learn step by step how to create a story map using Esri's platform.

Quick Intro to GIS

These materials are generally used for short in-class sessions, with the intention of introducing the basics of esri's ArcMap software.