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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Cataloging Guidance: Withdrawing Instance Records

Advice on cataloging with the shared A&M Consortium FOLIO Client

Withdrawing Instance Records

As mentioned in the Overview, FOLIO does not current allow for the deletion of Instance Records.  However, there may be occasions when the Consortium has:

  1. Unnecessary duplicates of instance records,
  2. Instance records have been accidentally added to the catalog,
  3. And/or all items and holdings of an instance record have been deleted, and there is no need for an instance record anymore.

If this is the case, please select "Edit instance" from the "Actions" menu.


Then suppress the record from discovery and from staff.  It may be applicable to also click "previously held" as well.  Then go to the statistical code field and choose "RECM (Record management) : withdrawn - Withdrawn (withdrawn)."