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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Cataloging Guidance: Option A: Export Records from OCLC to FOLIO (Recommended)

Advice on cataloging with the shared A&M Consortium FOLIO Client

Export Records from OCLC to Folio (Recommended practice)

First, make sure that Gateway choice is enabled by clicking on the option and clicking "Apply." (See OCLC Connexion Configuration on how to create "Gateway Export:".)

Next find the needed OCLC record, edit the record as needed, and export.  Produce and update holdings. (FOLIO will not automatically assign or delete WorldCat holdings. The FOLIO Implementation Team may address this issue in 2024.)

Finally, wait for the record to appear in FOLIO.  The export should be seamless.  However, it may take some time.  Resist the urge to export again or to try to import the record into FOLIO using another option.  Instead, refresh the browser.  Search for the record in the Inventory App.

The export/import of the record may especially take longer the first time you use the system and after migrating to a new version.

If you use Gateway Export multiple times for the same MARC record, it will create multiple MARC SRS records and Instance Records in FOLIO.  It will not overlay the original MARC SRS record.