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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Cataloging Guidance: Option E: Creating a Fast Add Record

Advice on cataloging with the shared A&M Consortium FOLIO Client

Creating a Fast Add Record

Fast Add Records require very little input; however, they only offer the bare minimum of information for a resources.

The Consortium should use Fast Add Records sparingly for interlibrary loan materials and other temporary materials.  This can include records for course reserves materials that a professors wishes to place on reserve but wants returned at the end of the semester.

The Fast Add Records look like this.

First, notice how the record is already marked for suppression.  Fast Add Records are not normally meant for general consumption.

Secondly, you will notice how it requires the bare minimum of fields for the new record including:

  1. Resource title
  2. Resource type
  3. Permanent location
  4. Material Type
  5. Permanent Loan Type
  6. Note

Fields 2-5 are required for circulation rules to apply.  Without these correctly assigned, you will not be able to check out the item.

It requires a note either at check in or check out because this is supposed to be a temporary record, and the user should be aware that they need to either update the record to a more complete record in the future and/or return the item to the lender.

* Note: It is impossible to erase instance records in FOLIO.  However, we may be able to erase them in the future.  If you create a Fast Add Record, use the "instance status term" field.  Choose either "ILS Temporary" (for ILL items) or "Temporary."

If you are interested in using this record for a longer duration, you may choose to "Overlay Source Bibliographical Record" like in Option D.  You may also edit this instance to make it more complete.  You can even add multiple holdings and items to this record.  Use with care.