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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Cataloging Guidance: Option D: Creating an Instance Record without a MARC record.

Advice on cataloging with the shared A&M Consortium FOLIO Client

Creating an Instance Record Without a MARC Record

The OSU A&M Consortium does not suggest creating an instance record without a MARC record being uploaded to the SRS.  However, it is possible.

First, the cataloger chooses "New" from the dropdown menu in the Inventory app.


Next, the cataloger fills out as much as the form as they desire.  It only requires 3 fields.

Resource Type is based on RDA Content Type.  You can find RDA Information here, or you can use this simplified chart.


It would be best to find an OCLC record and overlay it in the future.



Note: You can edit an instance record if it was created as a new instance records.  To edit an instance record that was derived from a MARC record in the SRS, you will need to edit the MARC record.  You will only be able to change a minimal number of fields with the regular "edit" function.