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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Cataloging Guidance: Option C: Using FOLIO Data Import App

Advice on cataloging with the shared A&M Consortium FOLIO Client

Using Folio Data Import App

If the cataloger has a file of MARC records, they may also directly import the entire file into FOLIO with the Data Import app.  FOLIO'S Data Import app will work with both .mrc records and .dat records.  The cataloger may have a export file of MARC records from OCLC if that is their preferred OCLC Connexion Configuration, or they may have an export file from a vendor or other source.  Remember: Before uploading a file, make sure to determine there are no usable instance records already on which to place your holdings.

First, click on the Data Import app and then "or choose files".


Choose the correct file.


Choose the correct job profile.


Run the job profile.


The import is complete!


Make sure the WorldCat Holdings are updated in OCLC.