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Experts Directory: Teaching

Courses you have taught from the Fall 2018 semester forward have been imported to Experts Directory from Banner. New courses are added at the end of each semester.

Additional teaching activity type(s) for advising and other teaching activities are available now but subject to change. Feedback is welcome on how well these types reflect your teaching and student-related activity, please Contact Support to share suggestions.

Visit the Teaching Activity Types page to see definitions of the various teaching activities available. Search on the What Goes Where? page if you have questions about where to classify specific types of teaching activities.

1. How to View your Courses Taught

2. How to Request Changes to your Courses Taught

3. How to Add Other Teaching Activities Manually

4. How to Make a Teaching Activity Private

How to View your Courses Taught

Courses for which you are a primary instructor or co-instructor in Banner will appear in your Courses Taught.

  1. Go to your Homepage iconHomepage then click Teaching Activities.
    • Screenshot of Homepage highlighting Teaching Actvities
  2. Under filters on the right, change the Activity Type to Course taught
    • Screenshot of Teaching Activities Filter
  3. A list of your courses taught will be displayed.

  4. To view details about a course, click the Course Title.

  5. Scroll down to view linked instructors and co-instructors with a teaching contribution percentage, also extracted from Banner.

  6. For a complete description of the fields listed under course taught, see Courses Taught on the Teaching Activity Types page.


How to Request Changes to Your Courses Taught

New courses taught data will be automatically fed into the system at the end of each semester. To request changes, please complete the support form at

How to Add a Teaching Activity Manually

Note: Courses recorded in Banner are included in your profile automatically and should not be added manually. You can add a variety of other teaching activities to your profile.

  1. To add a teaching activity, from your Homepage iconHomepage, look for + ADD NEW  at the bottom left of Teaching activities.
    • Screenshot of Add Teaching Activity from Homepage
  2. A window of options will appear. Choose the Teaching Activity Type that you'd like to add. Click here for a full list of teaching types with definitions. For help selecting an activity type, please see, What Goes Where?
    • Add a new teaching activity
  3. The following steps use the activity type Add student / resident supervision as an example
    1. The fields marked with a red asterisk are required.
    2. NOTE: Do not enter a student's name if student has filed a request to withhold directory information with the Office of the Registrar.
    3. Click the question mark on the right to get more information about entering data in that field.
      • Click to zoom form screenshot
  4. Be sure to click Save when you have finished entering text. You can edit the activity later if you need to make changes.
  5. For help or to suggest improvements, please Contact Support.


How to Make a Teaching Activity Private

If you wish to hide a teaching activity from public view, or from people viewing your profile from within Experts Directory, you can make it private.

  1. Navigate to the teaching activity you wish to hide and click on the globe icon on the right.
    • Screenshot of teaching activity with the privacy globe icon highlighted
  2. Select the level of privacy for the item. For more information about privacy settings, see the privacy help documentation.