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Experts Directory: Search Experts Directory

Find Colleagues

To search for your colleagues from your profile:

  1. On the Home page under the profile picture/icon, click Edit My Profile.
  2. On the right look for the box titled Find Your Colleague:
  • Find a colleague search box in Experts Directory profile


Find Your Own Publications and Activities

To search through your own Publications or Activities:

  1. From the Menu Experts Directory menu icon go to the My Profile tab, then My Work.
  2. Choose a module (Scholarly & Creative Works, Grants, Professional Activities, Teaching Activities, etc).
    • Screenshot of Menu showing My Profile - My Work
  3. On the right, use the filters and search boxes to find your own activities or publications.
    • Screenshot of Filters in My Scholarly & Creative Works


Find Other Content

To explore specific content from other users, save searches, and browse recent scholarly and creative works at OSU:

  1. From the Menu Experts Directory menu icon go to Reporting > Search > System Search.
    • Screenshot of Menu - Reporting - Search options
  2. Type in search terms or toggle to Advanced (recommended).
    • Screenshot of Basic Search
    • Advanced search offers the most comprehensive search. To search for people or groups (departments or colleges) you must use the user or group search feature in advanced search.
    • Leave the asterisk in the Search for box unless you are using that box in your search.
    • Screenshot of Advanced System Search
  3. After results are returned, you can save your search.
    • Screenshot of System Search returned results with Save This Search option

From the Search menu, you can also access stored searches:

  1. Saved Searches to view System Searches saved in step three above.
  2. Recent Scholarly & Creative Works to view publications recently claimed by OSU authors in Experts Directory.
    • Select a preset time frame (1 week to 3 months) or enter a custom date range and click Filter.
    • Click on a group (college or department) to view publications.
    • Screenshot of Recent Scholary & Creative Works - Publications search

For more detailed information on searching, see the support page at Symplectic Elements (the application underlying Experts Directory), How to Use System Search (OSU email address login required) or contact support.



For reporting functionality, including dashboards, visit Experts For Administrators.