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Experts Directory: Write from Experts to ORCID

Configure your ORCID settings

After you have claimed your ORCID iD you can configure Experts Directory to write publication and affiliation data to ORCID, helping you keep your ORCID account up-to-date with trusted information.

Go to Experts Directory menu icon(Menu) > Settings > ORCID Settings

1. ORCID permissions

  • Read from and write publication data to my ORCID account: 
    • Send publications from Experts to ORCID. Experts will also read the information contained in your ORCID account to improve the accuracy of your search results.
  • Read data from my ORCID account:
    • Experts will read the information contained in your ORCID account to improve the accuracy of your search results. If you have previously connected to ORCID this setting will be preselected as this was the permission level granted to Experts.
  • Only use my ORCID to support automatic claiming:  
    • Experts will neither read from, nor write to your ORCID account. If you have previously claimed an ORCID iD but not connected to it, this setting will be preselected. Experts will still use the ORCID iD for automatic claiming which will continue to be managed on the automatic claiming page. 
  • Screenshot of orcid permissions settings

2. Manage which publications will be sent

  • For journal articles, send 'published' and 'published online' only:
    • You can choose to send only journal articles with a publication status of 'published' or 'published online' to ORCID. If this option is not selected then all journal articles will be sent to ORCID.
  • Send all publications to ORCID including those with privacy levels of private or internal:
    • By default, only publications which have an object privacy level of Public and a relationship privacy level of Public will be sent to ORCID. Publications where the object or relationship privacy level has been set to private or internal will not be sent. Enabling this setting will send all of your publications to ORCID regardless of their privacy level.
  • Only send favorite publications:
    • You can choose to send only your favorite publications. Any newly claimed publications will only be sent to ORCID once they have been favorited. If non-favorite publications have already been sent to ORCID by OSU Experts Directory, these will be removed.

3. Removing publications from ORCID

  • You can remove all the publications that have been sent to ORCID from Experts, from your ORCID account, should they wish. This is achieved by selecting the ‘Remove from ORCID’ link. If you confirm that you would like to remove publications from ORCID, your ORCID settings page will be frozen, pending deletion of the publications. Following deletion your integration settings will be reset to ‘read data from my ORCID account'.
  • Screenshot of orcid deletion option


4. Send affiliation data

  • You can send an affiliation record to ORCID by clicking the Send affiliation button at the bottom of the screen. Note that this will not send your position title, department, start date, or any other details but rather will be a generic and uneditable record. We recommend you instead login to your ORCID account and create a new employment record with all pertinent information.