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Experts Directory: Grant Types

Using an accurate activity type will improve reporting across the university. If you have an activity and you're not sure where to put it, also try the What Goes Where? page.

Grant Types



All grants and awards processed by Oklahoma State Grants & Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA) are automatically entered into Experts Directory.


Proposed or unfunded grants

Grants that have been proposed but not (yet) awarded and if awarded, would be processed by OSU Grants & Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA). Only funded grants are entered into Experts Directory automatically from GCFA.


Other funding

Any grants that do not fit into the two types above, including the following: Grants or other funds awarded by departments, colleges or other entities at Oklahoma State University that are not processed by Grants & Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA). Grants processed by GCFA that were completed before 2017. Grants received prior to employment at OSU. Grants not processed by OSU GCFA.