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Experts Directory: Teaching Activity Types

Using an accurate activity type will improve reporting across the university. If you have an activity and you're not sure where to put it, also try the What Goes Where? page.

Teaching Activity Types


Courses taught

Courses taught at OSU and recorded in Banner. These are entered automatically and cannot be edited. Here is a brief explanation of the course data, which is directly imported from Banner at the end of each semester:

  • Course code: unique identification number for the course section with the leading numbers indicating the term (i.e. 2 or 3 indicates spring, 4 summer, and 6 or 7 indicates fall semester).
  • Course term: the semester or term when the course was offered.
  • Course title: the title of the course as indicated in the class schedule.
  • Course description: the description of the course content as indicated in the class schedule.
  • Start date: the start date for the class in the course term.
  • End date: the end date for the class in the course term.
  • Primary instructor: the instructor of record.
  • Co-instructors: additional instructors in team-taught courses who are also listed in Banner.
  • Credit hours: the number of credit hours offered for the course.
  • Number of students: the total number of students enrolled in the class section.
  • Institution: the institution within the Oklahoma A&M system where the course was taught.
  • Campus code: the institution or campus within the A&M system where the course was taught.
  • Academic Session: the part of term which indicates if a full 16-week or short course.
  • Schedule Type: indicates the type of course as independent study, lab, lecture, etc.
  • Instructional Method: indicates whether course delivery method was traditional, hybrid, or online.
  • Course term code: the semester or term in which the course was held, beginning with the calendar year and followed by the term (20-spring; 40-summer; 60-fall), for example, courses taught in fall 2020 have the term code 202060.
  • Course number: the identification number for the course as it appears in the course catalog.
  • Course level: identifies the course as undergraduate, graduate, etc.
  • Course subject: the subject of the course as listed in the course catalog.
  • Attributes: if this course meets specific general education or program requirements they are listed here.
  • Teaching Contribution Percentage: the teaching load percentile allocated to each instructor as recorded in Banner.


Development of new course / training

Newly developed or extensively revised courses, in-services, trainings, guest lectures, or workshops.


Development of new instructional materials

Newly developed or extensively revised teaching materials for an existing course or training.


Development of new programs

Academic programs developed


Non-OSU courses taught

Courses taught at other institutions other than OSU.


Other teaching / trainings

Courses, in-services, trainings, guest lectures, and workshops taught, but not recorded in Banner.


Student / Resident supervision

Thesis, dissertation and other graduate student committee activities. Advising or mentorship of students, residents, post-docs and student groups.